Roel de Nijs

Project: Centre for Knowlegde and Skill / TransForm

The Mozes and AƤronkerk in Amsterdam is repurposed into a Centre for Knowledge and Skills. Students from three surrounding academies (performing arts, film and architecture) can collaborate in this centre in transdisciplinary projects, supervised by a lector. The church provides a space for interdisciplinary research to achieve new insights. The TransForm project is developed to discover my strengths as a designer. It is a quest, guided by intuitive experimenting without a defined goal. I want to react on the unexpected and turn it in something useful. I took my fascination for transformation as my starting point.

Thesis: The lost value of products

Because of mass production, people are increasingly alienated from their everyday household objects. In my thesis, I investigate how the social value of products can be recovered.

Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

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