Roy Yin

Project: The New Office Landscape

This space should allow people to work and meet everywhere with many postures in an office, even in corners, above each other, and other places that were hitherto not used as such, in order to create an overall flexible working landscape for everyone to work and meet in different spots. Apart from exploiting various places, the new office landscape would also open up the possibilities for new working conventions. Someday, people may ask what we are doing when sitting under the table in an office corner. We would answer gently, “Sorry, we’re working.”

Thesis: Sorry, we're working!

In general, the workspace utilization is shrinking today. If the office space shrinks to its final limit, the vacancy will reach a maximum. Is it possible to design an office landscape that is unshrinkable, offering a better suitable space for working and informal meetings than the conventional office, while creating extra spaces for various lively programs?

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