Ruben Verkuylen

Project: Komt een man bij het loket

Current Dutch healthcare seems unworkable: bureaucracy, protocolled conversations and contradicting rules entangle us and “Participatiesamenleving” is at least to say an ambiguous term. We, however, seem to know how to cooperate, trust each other and communicate perfectly in daily life. So what will a new, workable healthcare consist of?
At a Nieuw Loket it is possible to obtain the most recent description of a new healthcare, but also update it instantly. It's a prototype to bypass bureaucratic misery. An attempt to fill in a yet undefined, but inescapable concept by trusting those directly involved and embracing changeability again.

Thesis: Da Vinci and Frankensteins monster walk into a bar – the graphic designer and his oceanic identity

Conventional tasks and roles don’t suffice anymore. A graphic designer must broaden its identity resulting in an oceanic identity – an expanding, hardly confinable feeling of identity that encages and paralyzes at once. Design history, technology, internet and an overall experienced contemporary 'identity struggle' contributes to this. But instead of undergoing this boundlessness in a passive manner, I offer three different, more active advocacies for identity: one for broadening, one for narrowing down and one for migrating. An embracement of a subject that sometimes feels unclear.

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