Samara Mitri

Project: Beneath all things

The vacuum-forming technique used here captures toys and other mundane items in a suffocating encasing of cheap plastic. In this way, they are transformed into grotesque, contorted figures that seem desperate to break free from their background. Separated by blocks they become alienated in their struggle, whilst echoing the poor souls of Rodin’s modern hell and the history of sculpture. Beneath all things is an ode to a figuration that is sprawling, fragmented, and brand new.

Thesis: Where the hell am I and what day is it?

Unoriginal, authorless, copyright and copycat. For art today it is common practice to use existing images and materials. The thesis explores the beginnings of appropriation and its repercussions on the culture of the remix and the retro. The issue is no longer to fabricate an object, but to choose one among many. Using this methodology, this paper is made as a collection of quotes and phrases from authors such as Douglas Crimp, Roland Barthes and Nicolas Bourriaud.

Bachelor Fine Arts

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