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Exercise for weightlessness 1:1

Project: Exercises for Weightlessness

The Monument to the Battle of Nations in Leipzig has served as a receptacle for all the State-regulated ideologies that occupied Germany since 1913. It is an unquestionable fact that the meaning of the building changed through time, leaving the 260 million years old granite stones, silently doing their job, as witnesses of each generation's truth. 15 Km from the monument, a holy mountain was carved out to obtain the granite. Now it's a lake, I wait until the water freezes completely, I will pull it up as frozen substance, turn it around 180 º and put the Iceberg down.

Thesis: Icebergism Journal

I live in a country without mountains, though it ages equally as other countries that might have cliffs at their shores. Their inhabitants live and leave their imprint on in its soil when they die. In-between these events they interact with each other; To understand the conduct of humans better, I kept a journal where I could move without the burden of the material world, here I deform matter easily, making it possible to travel light.

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  • Exercise for weightlessness 1:1