Sebastiaan Werkendam

Project: In the name of the Authentic

You drink original blended coffee. You eat organically produced food. You wear vintage clothing. You listen to vinyl records. Your selfies look like old photos. In contemporary society, a new ambition has taken root. It is the most prevailing desire of current times; it is the aspiration to be authentic. But there seems to be many misconceptions and we must uncover these shallow fads for what they are: completely arbitrary things, tied to our bourgeois way of life. It is time to shatter, dispel and destroy the common misconceptions. In the name of authenticity, let us all unite!

Thesis: Being and Showing (Het Zijn en het Laten Zien)

Can a good presentation make a bad work good and can a bad presentation make a good work bad? A textual journey divided in three parts. The first part deals with the practical aspects of presenting in an academy setting, both in displaying and explaining the work. Part two compares life to theatre and explains how acting can become reality. The final part delves deeper to find out how an individual in the daily theatre of life can achieve an authentic existence.

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