Sha Yee Jin

Project: Slightly Strange Matters

Strangeness can get us out of unthinking consumption and perceptual numbness. It could inspire us to question the ignorance and assumptions we have in our surroundings. Strangeness is like a poem resonating in a new way in everyday language and usage, giving us new narratives and perceptions. This is when designers could encourage diverse visions and engage the public through more challenging exhibitions and publications. Design could make the invisible visible by showing us something we didn’t know existed.

Thesis: Creating a new aesthetic experience with strangeness and fictions in design

To start living consciously again, we need a new perspective. I believed we could achieve this through strangeness and fictions. It is often strangeness rather than beauty that can draw us towards understanding a subject. We need more aesthetics in our surroundings that are designed with and designed for awareness, and to make people start thinking about their environment. I would like to investigate forms that seems not quite right, quite awkward, but are capable to invite people to engage with it.