Sharelly Emanuelson

Project: Doh mix meh up: We always negotiatin

The work “Doh mix meh up: We always negotiatin” consists of an audio, visual and spectator element, which are all mutually relevant to the work. This work experiments with the capability/ incapability of representation, presentation and understanding of a postcolonial time and space. Another vital aspect is the ultimate audience perception and interpretations, which are formed depending on the spectators background knowledge and experience.

Thesis: Reflections of a filmmaker: Representation in Documentary-art

What is my position as a Dutch Caribbean filmmaker? Can I realize a self-representation of the local/ Diaspora Dutch Caribbean community? What are the implications when trying to present a counter-narrative to the current dominant narrative? Who is allowed to appropriate whose experience/ reality? What can art/ film, in particular documentary do within the post-colonial framework? These questions have been explored with the aim of finding a new and enriched methodology that will inform my future work.