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Project: Anders kijken, meer zien

We live in a society where everything needs to have the 'perfect' color, the 'perfect' smell, the 'perfect' look and so on. We constantly want to satisfy our senses. Everything we have and buy undergoes a 'perfection' check. And if it is not good enough? Then we throw it away and buy new ones. Everything is re-usable, but we don't want to do so, because aesthetics is more important than reusing old stuff. We are got used to the 'new'. I am sick and tired of this throw-away society. With this project I will show that re-using is perfectly fine and better than buying new things, and also that it is not all about aesthetics.

Thesis: Anders kijken, meer zien

In my thesis I researched why human beings throw away so much stuff and don't think about the consequences. I also got into the different forms of waste on our planet, how we process them and what the consequences are. Luckily several companies and initiatives work with 'up cycling', meaning that 100% of a product will be used for something else after its original function. As a result there will be no waste at all.

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