Tamara Robeer

Project: Comfort zone

There are an infinite amount of different sexual preferences. Looking for extreme experiences to reach a higher level of consciousness isn't new. A BDSM (bondage & discipline, dominant & submissive, sadist & masochist) relationship is more than just an act. It's loving, connected, based on trust and respect and surprisingly ordinary for those who dare to look further than just the excitement.

Thesis: Munch

A collection of essays about the depiction of sexuality within documentary photography and finding the appropriate visual language for my work. My amazement lies in that we are part of a porno friendly but critical generation, who is plagued by a cultural climate in which we are regularly confronted with every possible kind of excess. However narrow mindedness and some kind of porno/sex hysteria predominate. A postmodern culture in which sexuality is portrayed as a consumption product. In sex the action and the emotions are intertwined. Sex has a direct correlation with pain and sadness, but also with positive emotions. It is also important to learn how to deal with inequality, just like how we have to learn how to deal with the power and control in our society.

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