Tess Zuiderwijk

Project: Learning by Doing

In experiencing the Learning Centre for Performing Arts, learning by doing is the essential key. The Carmo-church in the centre of Lisbon serves as a decor for this learning experience. The specifically designed performance areas will provide for cooperation, interaction and encounters between the audience and performers. The new urban route inside the church will lead to detours. This will stimulate new ways of interaction and learning from various art forms.

The Conquest of Space

The dark installation is overcome by the light. It seems to be an entity on its own, and create an extra area. It’s a poetry of coming and going and creates a moment of marvel.

Thesis: How Light Inhabits Space

My thesis is a research on light as a part of architectural area. Artist and architects use light as an essential part of space and try to use it as a visual tool. I tend to experience light as an important key for the full architectural experience. The way in which light inhabits a certain space is not only dependent of the physical form of space, but is mainly defined by our own interpretation and experience.