Tim Badoux

Project: Bermuda magic everywhere

Buy, buy, buy - the world of organized magic. I traveled through this world by research, a quest to find a single answer, but it wasn’t there. All I found were the ingredients to make people believe. A constructed layer between our conscious and unconscious. Are these ingredients created by the corporate gods and put into our minds for some mysterious reason? During my search I stumbled upon a mysterious place where boats, airplanes and people disappear, but nobody knows why. Some people are even afraid to talk about it. I saw a link between this mysterious place and the organized magic that you can find everywhere on this planet. Is this the mysterious place where the corporate gods live? I know one thing for sure; there is something fishy about this.

Thesis: Wil ik echt dropveters kopen omdat het logo naar mij lacht?

Bachelor Graphic Design

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Richard Hutten