Tomáš Janíček

Project: Office of Hard Work

This temporary installation is a place where you can meet several, intuitively identified, elements from the process of developing and creating a graphic design project. These elements are represented by an assembly of 10 allegorical objects. There is no hierarchy between the objects, no end and no beginning, because it is my conviction that the so-called “creative process” can’t be reduced to a fixed-step recipe. In this installation we are confronted by labor-intensive tools, tools that stand in stark contrast with the abstract face of the contemporary graphic design process.

Thesis: I want to break free

My thesis explores the connection between traveling and art - particularly the ways in which the process of traveling is employed within the creative process. This inquiry motivated my own independent road trip across Europe and prompted distinct realisations about my relationship with the practice of graphic design. My reflections upon this experience serve as the basis for my installation.

Bachelor Graphic Design

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