Tommy de Bruijn

Project: Do you ever feel like God hates you?

Tommy de Bruijn's work is a video installation of multiple TVs, which function as a canvas for the unintended poetry of motivational speakers. With near reverence for the misogynistic ramblings of these slicksters - those who exploit the unlucky and weak-willed -- de Bruijn's work reveals the paradox of (mis-)using the same techniques of manipulation these speakers claim to teach.

Thesis: The story is what you make it

In this thesis, the degree to which traditional narrative is inherent to people’s self-image and the negative effects this has on development of the narrative identity are explored. The ubiquity of narrative in culture, and the use of narrative as a tool for education, creates the false expectation that real events will closely mirror the abstracted hyper-reality of stories. This is not the case. This gap between expectation and reality creates unhappiness and unwillingness to accept things for what they are.