Wim Steijven

Project: Club of Tall People, Representation of tall people

My project started out with my one appearance, with this I mean my height. I am 2,07m of 6 feet 9½ inches. This unimportant fact has a daily influence on my life, most of the times in a positive way. Its a fact and I would not want to change anything about it, but sometimes I wished I could change the things surrounding me. Like every time when I don't fit in public transport or when I bump my head anywhere. The subject has followed me since I became taller than all my friends. Now I transfered all my experience in a campaign for the club of tall people better known as 'Klub Lange Mensen'. They are a club that researches and represents anything that has to do with height of people.

Thesis: Reuzen interessant / interesting giants

A research paper about giants in history and mythology. How the height of men and women influences our lives. The paper is written in Dutch.

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