Yulia Nesterova

Project: Daily Grief / Dagelijks Leed

We are confronted with all kind of small grievances on a daily basis. It is hard to take them seriously, we try to ignore them and they often seem ridiculous. I want to expose the invisible pain behind the small grief. I want to show how they accumulate and become a destructive force within us. My method: to collect and show these stories of affliction through social media and street interviews. I arrange the misery in a mosaic of a thousand heartaches. The purpose: to create a comforting celebration to ease our pain. Please feel welcome to join the festivities!

Thesis: Red

In my thesis, I investigate the influence of the color red on my work as an artist. Red was the central color in the country where I was born: the Soviet Union. I studied the works of the Russian artist El Lissitzky, the Dutch designer Paul Schuitema, the Russian photographer Boris Mikhailov, the Dutch design bureau Thonik, and of myself, Yulia Nesterova, a Russian Dutch Art School Graduate. The central question is: how is the color red used and what meaning does it have in the works that I investigated? My investigation led to an inevitable conclusion: Red Wants To Change The World

Bachelor Graphic Design

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